Original RAF MK3C 'Bone Dome' Flying Helmet - Size Medium + Carry Box

Original RAF MK3C 'Bone Dome' Flying Helmet - Size Medium + Carry Box

Code: 54128


An original and very complete RAF MK3C Bonedome flying helmet in good condition which comes complete with matching carry box. 

This helmet is a very complete example and features full avionics including headphones and microphone connector. The original twin visors are still present as is the black coloured velvet cover which retains its original label which bears the stores code of 22c/7636746 and the War Department broad arrow marking. The original wiring loom is still present and features a NATO style jack plug to the end of the cord. 

Inside the helmet there is a partial lining of purple silk as well as a webbing harness. The original label is also present the designation of MK3C, the size of Medium and the War Department broad arrow.

The condition of the exterior of the helmet is good but there are various scratches and scuffs which are to be expected with a vintage helmet such as this. The olive green paint finish is very good and the interior is all intact with some slight shedding from the lining. 

The helmet comes complete with its original carry case which is also in good condition with some signs of wear and use. The original key is also included with the case which is illustrated in picture 13.

A nice original RAF item which makes a great display piece and would make a nice addition to any RAF display without a doubt!