Original RAF Bonedome Mk3C - Size Medium Broad

Original RAF Bonedome Mk3C - Size Medium Broad

Code: 50640


An original and very complete RAF MK3C Bonedome flying helmet in good condition.

This helmet is a very complete example and features full avionics, wiring, boom microphone, twin visors and black visor cover which is 22c marked and features the broad arrow mark.

Inside the helmet the original label is still present and reads size ‘Medium Broad’. The 22c stores code is present as is the War Department broad arrow marking. The lining inside the helmet is which is backed by foam rubber which is shedding. This is very common with this pattern of helmet but is on the reverse side of the lining so can’t be seen.

The condition of the exterior of the helmet seems good but there are various scratches and scuffs which are to be expected with a vintage helmet such as this.

A nice original RAF item which makes a great display piece and would make a nice addition to any RAF display without a doubt!