Original 1982 Dated RAF MK 3 Cold Weather Flying Trousers - Size 6

Original 1982 Dated RAF MK 3 Cold Weather Flying Trousers - Size 6

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An original pair of 'Overalls, Flying, Cold Weather MK 3 Trousers' dated 1981/82 in a large size 6.

These trousers were issued along with the matching MK 3 cold weather flying jackets and were worn as a flying suit. They are made from a green coloured ventile cotton material and feature integral elastic braces. Various pockets are located to the front of the trousers and all fasten with zips. They are all made by the company 'Newey' and feature nickel plated pullers which are marked 'NZ'. A map pocket is located to the front right leg and features a white plastic insert. 

The original labels are present inside the trousers and are bright and legible. One label bears the title 'Suit, Aircrew, Cold Weather, MK3 Trouser' and bears details which pertain to wear and washing. The other label is the manufacturer's label and bears the size of 6 along with the War Department broad arrow marking. The contract number is also present as is the date of 1981/82. 

The condition of the trousers is good with no signs of excessive wear or damage that I can see. They have most likely been issued but don't appear to have seen much wear - if any. Please take time to study the pictures and bear in mind that they are a vintage, pre-owned pair of trousers which may have small issues commensurate with age. 

A nice piece of Jet Age flying clothing with a good date and in a good wearable size. These would make a nice addition to an RAF or aviation collection!