Original 1960s RAF MK1A Helmet, Type G Flying Helmet, P Type mask

Original 1960s RAF MK1A Helmet, Type G Flying Helmet, P Type mask

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An original RAF MK 1A Bonedome Flying Helmet Dated 1961 and in a large wearable size 3 Broad which comes complete with its G Type Inner Flying Helmet and P Type Oxygen Mask and hose.

The MK 1A Flying Helmet replaced the earlier and short lived MK1 'Bonedome' which came into issue during the 1950s as part of the 'Fast Jet Pilot System'. The helmet has its original silver paint finish often seen on these early jet age helmets and features a moveable tinted visor which is maker marked 'M/A&B' and bears the RAF stores code 22c/1252987. The rail which this runs on is also marked with the RAF stores code of 22c/1647. As well as this it has 'VISOR FLYING HELMETS MK2 LARGE BPLE LTD' marked on it as well as the 1969 date.

The exterior of the helmet is in good condition with the majority of the original paint finish still intact. There are numerous scuffs, marks and scratches however these are to be expected with a used flying helmet of this age. The rear has had '3 Broad' marked to it and there is white tape added in the shape of a cross as is often found with helmets from this period. The rubber edging around the edge helmet is in good shape which is another nice thing about the helmet. The chin strap is also present and features a heavy duty snap fastener. 

Inside the helmet retains its original white harness which features the maker's name of 'Helmets Ltd'. Underneath this is the label for the actual helmet itself which states the size as 3 Broad. The label also states the RAF Stores code 22c/2121, the pattern designation MK 1A (M) and the 1969 contract number 937/69.

The set comes complete with the matching inner G Type Flying helmet which was used with the bonedome. It is a green example which is correct for the period as these came into issue during the late 1960s. It comes complete with all of its original avionics and wiring and the original chin strap is still present. Inside the helmet the original label is still present and bears the RAF stores code as well as the size of 3 and the A66A contract number which dates the helmet to around 1967. The original owner has marked his name to the inside of one of the ear pads as well as to the top of the helmet as 'Willis'.

The set is completed with an original P Type Oxygen Mask, which again appears to be original to the set. It is fitted with an Amplivox 13100 microphone and retains its original harness and straps. As well as this it has its original oxygen hose which is in good condition save for one split which is illustrated in the pictures. 

Overall a very nice example of an early Jet-Age helmet set in very good condition and in a large wearable size. This would undoubtedly make an excellent addition to any RAF or Jet-Age display or collection!