Original 1960s RAF A13A/1 Oxygen Mask Size Medium

Original 1960s RAF A13A/1 Oxygen Mask Size Medium

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An original RAF A13A/1 Oxygen mask which dates from around the mid 1950s to mid 1960s. 

This pattern of oxygen mask came into issue during the middle of the 1950s and was used in conjunction with the C Type, F Type and G type flying helmets by Canberra crews amongst others. This example is rare as it features the early rubber exo-skeleton and webbing harness which was used with the aforementioned flying helmets. These masks are more commonly found with the metal horse type fitting rather than this early set up. 

The green coloured rubber face piece is in good condition with signs of wear and use. It is still pliable with no serious flaws or damage. It bears the size of medium as well as the RAF stores code of 6D/1582 and the War Department broad arrow. The mask is fitted with a 57 microphone and a British 191A2 connector and fittings. The mask retains its original hose which is in good condition but has an area near where it is fitted to the mask which has flattened slightly although it is still strong and displays well enough. 

A nice early example which would make a great addition to a Jet-age collection.