Original 1953 Dated RAF H Type Oxygen Mask + Hose

Original 1953 Dated RAF H Type Oxygen Mask + Hose

Code: 52826


An original Royal Air Force H Type oxygen mask and oxygen hose dating from the immediate post-war period. 

The mask is the standard H Type which was introduced into service at the end of 1944, replacing the earlier G Type mask. It is fitted with a type 57 microphone and standard webbing harness. The mask is dated January 1953 and is a size medium. Although it is just post-war dated it is identical to those issued during the Second World War making it an ideal stand-in. The mask is in reasonable condition although there are plenty of signs of wear and use including darkening to the green rubber and some cracking. The harness has been repaired by hand on one side. 

The hose is a good original example which is still pliable. There is some cracking in between the corrugated sections as is often the case but this is only noticeable on close inspection. The tube features the later style adapter which could be changed for a brass MK IV example. 

Not a perfect hose and mask but a good display item!