Original 1950s RAF Type G Sunglasses

Original 1950s RAF Type G Sunglasses

Code: 52211


An original pair of post WW2 Royal Air Force Type G Sunglasses dating from the post-war period. 

These sunglasses are styled in the classic aviator mould and clearly have their roots in the Second World War. The RAF introduced the MK VIII sunglasses in 1943 which were the first RAF issue glasses to have this shape. These 'Type G' sunglasses are a direct descendant of their WW2 predecessors featuring chrome frames and arms.. The lenses are the classic aviator tear-drop shape.

The glasses differ from WW2 examples as they have an extra bridge section which helps to give them more strength. 

The inside edge of the bridge sections features markings including the War Department broad arrow, 'Type G' and the RAF stores code of 22G/1398. The nose piece is marked 'BOA'.

The spectacles come complete with their original case which also bears the RAF stores number of 22G/1398 as well as the size of medium and the War Department broad arrow marking. 

Both the glasses and case are in good condition for their age with some signs of wear and use. There are some marks and scuffs to the lenses which are to be expected considering their age. 

All in all a nice pair of collectable jet-age sunglasses which would make a great addition to any collection.