Original 1950s RAF Flying Spectacles MK 14 + Case - Sunglasses

Original 1950s RAF Flying Spectacles MK 14 + Case - Sunglasses

Code: 52361


An original pair of RAF issue MK 14 sunglasses as worn in the 1950s and 60s by RAF aircrew, complete with their original case.

This pattern of sun glasses closely resemble the pattern worn during the Second World War with their grey/green tinted lenses and plated steel frames. However they have an extra strengthening bar between across the bridge which is the main noticeable difference.

The glasses are stamped inside the metal frames with the makers name 'Algha' as well as 'MARK 14' and the RAF stores code '22C/2432'.

The condition of the sunglasses is good but there is some corrosion to the frames as is to be excepted of a used pair of glasses of this age. They still display very well despite this. The lenses are scratched and worn although this is only noticable on close inspection. 

The glasses come complete with their original hard case which is of the standard pattern but devoid of any markings. It is in good condition and displays well.

Whilst not in the best condition,  these sunglasses still display well and would make a good addition to a Jet-age collection.