1970 Dated RAF G Type Cloth Flying Helmet - Size 2

1970 Dated RAF G Type Cloth Flying Helmet - Size 2

Code: 50639


An original 1970 Dated RAF G Type cloth flying helmet in green.

These green helmets replaced the earlier grey version but are the same in pattern. This example features additional attachments to either check which were used to secure the oxygen mask without the use of the earlier oxygen mask harness.

Inside the helmet the original label is still intact and bares the war department broad arrow stamp, the 22c stores code and the size, which is size 2 in this instance.

The helmet is fitted with the correct pattern ear donuts and receivers which are attached with pop studs, however, there is no wiring with this example.

The overall condition is good. The helmet has clearly been issued and be worn but it still displays well.

Jet age items such as this are becoming more and more desirable and this helmet would certainly make a nice addition to a flying helmet collection or display.