1957 Dated RAF G Type Cloth Flying Helmet - Fully Wired

1957 Dated RAF G Type Cloth Flying Helmet - Fully Wired

Code: 50633


An orignal RAF G Type Flying Helmet dated 1957 and in a large size No.4.

This pattern of flying helmet came jnto use with the RAF in the 1950s replacing the short-lived but very similar F Type Helmet. It was designed to be worn underneath the newly issued bonedome helmet or on its own and features pop studs to attach the oxygen mask too which would have been the H Type when first introduced.

This particular example was issued to a Sergeant Wilkinson and bares his name in both ear pieces. The original label is still present inside the helmet with the correct 22c stores code, 1957 date and size marking. This helmet is the largest size issued - size No.4.

The helmet comes complete with a set of ear donuts which were removable on this pattern being attached with pop studs. Inside this are the original receivers which are attached to an original wiring loom which features the correct small type plug on at the other end.

The condition of the helmet is good but it has clearly been issued and seen a lot of use. It does by no means show signs of excessive wear but is well soiled with sweat, particularly around the top section of the helmet. There is also a small area of matter stuck the side of the helmet which features in the photographs. Overall however the helmet displays nicely and has a great ‘been there’ look.

A nice original G Type Flying Helmet with a clear early date and in a large desirable size 4.