Original 1950s British Army Camouflaged Windproof Smock

Original 1950s British Army Camouflaged Windproof Smock

Code: 54721


A scarce original late 1950s British Army camouflage windproof smock in excellent condition.

This smock is both rare and interesting as it is the final iteration of the camouflage windproof smock before the introduction of the 1963 pattern smock. Whilst previous runs of camouflage windproofs were all made from wartime material, this run of smocks was produced in a new print which is notably different to the earlier smocks. Tonaly it features dusky pink colours and the screen printed camouflage pattern is very different featuring many more finer brush strokes. Also of note of the zipper which does not feature any clear branding, save for some faint lines to the front of the puller which would suggest it was made by 'Aero'. The rear of the stop box is marked 'Made in England'. Like the Second World War examples, the smock features a cotton drawstring tothe hood and another larger drawstring along the bottom edge. Four patch pockets are fitted to the front and there are adjuster straps to each sleeve, all of which fasten with green coloured vegetable ivory (plastic) buttons. 

Inside the smock the original label is still present but is washed out leaving no details legible. The original owner has marked his name in ink on it which reads 'Robo'. There are also some white cutters tags present to the inside including one to the hood and another to the lower portion of the body which is illustrated in picture 9.

When laid flat the smock measures - 

Chest - 27 1/2"
Inside arm - 21 1/2"
Outside arm - 22"
Shoulders - 25 1/2"
Length at back - 30 1/2"

The smock is in excellent condition as can be seen in the pictures. It displays very well with only limited signs of wear and laundering and all the colours are still strong and bright. There is a very small hole to the bottom edge which is illustrated in picture 8 but overall it is a very good example. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that this is a pre-owned vintage item which may have small flaws commensurate with age. 

A rare transitional pattern windproof smock with stunning colours and camouflage pattern!