Stunning Original British Army 1960 Pattern DPM Combat Smock - Size 2

Stunning Original British Army 1960 Pattern DPM Combat Smock - Size 2

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A scarce original British 1960 Pattern DPM Combat Smock in the rare bright tropical camouflage print.

This pattern of combat jacket is the predecessor of the 1968 DPM combat jacket and is noticeably different to the latter pattern. It features a plethora of different details, most notable of which is the concentric stitched collar. Other details only found on this pattern include the pen pocket on the left breast pocket and the expanding lower pockets. The smock features a metal zipper to the front which bears the maker's initials of 'AZF' and the original owner has added a subdued sergeant stripe to the right arm.

This example is made from a bright coloured 'tropical' DPM print making it rarer and more desirable than the already hard to find standard 1960 pattern DPM smock. These smocks were made in the very early 1970s as a stopgap whilst manufacture was changing over for the new 1968 pattern uniforms. The colours are notably brighter than usually seen which really make this jacket stand out. 

Inside the smock both the waist drawstring and the bottom drawstring are still present. There is a hanging loop at the neck and the original labels are still present. The issue label is still bright and legible and bears the title 'Smock, Combat (1960 Pattern) and the size of 2. The maker's name of 'James Smith & Co (Derby) Ltd' is present as is the A/78 contract number which dates the jacket to the early 1970s. A second label can be found to the skirt and bears information which relates to washing and care. 

The jacket is cut in a loose, smock-like cut, which is designed to be worn over clothing and still allow for free movement. When laid flat it measures - 

Chest - 22 1/2"
Inside arm - 18"
Outside arm - 24"
Shoulders - 19"
Length - 29"

The smock is in excellent condition as can be seen in the pictures. There are no real signs of wear or age and the jacket has a very bright and fresh appearance overall. It is a vintage, pre-worn item however so please take time to study the pictures before purchasing. 

All in all a great jacket which is made from a rare to find camouflage print and is in fantastic condition which would be hard to better.