Original British Army 1959 Pattern Denison Smock by 'Belstaff' Size 3

Original British Army 1959 Pattern Denison Smock by 'Belstaff' Size 3

Code: 54538


A fantastic original 1959 Pattern Denison smock made by 'Belstaff' in 1966. 

This pattern of smock was produced for approximately 2 years from 1966 and is the third print used on the 1959 pattern smocks. It is very noticeably different to other smocks as the camouflage print features large areas of the background colour and smaller areas of camouflage. This production batch of smocks has various nicknames used by collectors such as 'Banana Pattern' and 'Bloody Sunday'.

This pattern of smock still retains a lot of design features first seen on the original Denison smock which was produced during the Second World War. It features four patch pockets to the front which fasten with 'Newey' brand press studs as well as tabs near to the bottom hem which also fasten with the same press studs. The original fishtail is also still present to the smock and the front fastens with its original zipper which is a brass example which is marked 'NZ' and is typical of the zips used during this period.  

Inside the smock the original label is still present and is bright and legible. It bears the title of 'Smock Denison 1959 Pattern' below which is the size of 3. The maker's initials of 'BMC' are present which denote the maker as Belstaff and the 1966 date and War Department arrow are found below this. '14 ADR' has also been marked in ink by hand. 

The smock is in good condition with plenty of signs of wear and use. The colour has faded out from its original orange but the condition of the label would suggest that the garment has only seen limited laundering and therefore this is genuine sun fading. There are numerous repairs and the knitted cuffs have been replaced. It displays well and is very wearable but please bear in mind that this is a vintage item which has some small flaws commensurate with age. 

This is a great used example and is the most desirable pattern of 1959 smock and the most desirable maker which would make this a great addition to any collection.