Original 1976 Dated British Army MK IV 'Turtle' Helmet

Original 1976 Dated British Army MK IV 'Turtle' Helmet

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An original 1976 dated British Army MK IV 'Turtle' Helmet in good condition. 

This pattern of helmet was introduced in 1945 replacing the similar looking MKIII pattern. It stayed in service for a number of decades with this example dating from 1976 which make it ideal for someone collecting 'Troubles' related items.

This helmet is a nice original example which still retains its original factory paint finish both to the exterior and interior. Inside the helmet the original liner is in place and bears the date of 1976 as well as the maker's initials of 'R. M. Ltd'. The chin strap also appears to be original to the helmet and is in good condition still retaining plenty of its elasticity.

Overall a nice helmet in very honest original condition. This would make a great addition to a helmet collection or Northern Ireland display.