Original 1970s British Army DPM Boonie Hat

Original 1970s British Army DPM Boonie Hat

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An original British Army DMP Boonie hat dating from the 1970s. 

This style of hat was trialed with the British Army in the late 1930s but was not introduced until the end of the Second World War as part of the 1944 pattern uniform. It proved a popular and versatile hat and is still in use with the British Army today in an almost identical form. 

This example was made in the early 1970s based on the label which bears both the old and new style size. It is made from cotton which is screen printed with the DPM camouflage pattern. The peak is stitched for strength and vents are fitted to the side of the cap. 

The original label is present inside the cap and bears the imperial size of 6 3/4 and the metric size of 55. 

The cap is in good condition with some signs of wear and age. Please study the pictures before purchasing. 

A nice original cap with a good label.