Original 1962 Dated British Army Camouflage Windproof Smock - Belstaff

Original 1962 Dated British Army Camouflage Windproof Smock - Belstaff

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An incredbile original 1962 dated 'Smocks Windproof Camouflage' in deadstock, unworn condition which was made by Belstaff in 1962. 

The camouflage windproof smock was first produced during the Second World War alongside a matching pair of trousers. They proved popular and more contracts were placed during the post war period, including one placed with the famous British manufactuer 'Belstaff'. These post-war smocks are now rare to find, especailly with a Belstaff label and in unworn condition.

Like many windproof camouflage smocks, this anorak is made from a gabardine material which has the camouflage pattern printed onto it. It features a hood, four patch pocket pockets to the front, a drawstring to the bottom and another, smaller drawstring, to the hood. The smock features a factory fitted zip to the centre which is made by 'Flash' and is typical of those fitted to British military clothing during this period. It features a black slider and puller which features the brand name. The stop box also features the brand name and the cotton tape is a deep pea green colour which contrasts against the camouflage print. All of the buttons are green coloured vegetable ivory (plastic) examples as were used on British military clothing from 1943 until well into the 1960s. 

The left breast pocket features some darker patches which are defects from the rollers during the screen printing process whilst the camouflage print was added in the factory. There is another small section of this to the rear right shoulder which is just visible in the pictures. These are not flaws but places where the dye has been added slightly to heavily at the factory. 

Inside the smock the original label is still present and is bright and legible. It bears the title 'Smocks Windproof Camouflage' and states the size as 5. The maker's initials of 'B.M.C' are present and denote Belstaff as the maker. As well as this the 1962 date is present as is the War Department broad arrow marking. There is also a War Department acceptance stamp which is a nice addition and testiment to the excellent condition of the smock.

The smock is in excellent condition as can be seen in the pictures. It shows next to no signs of previous wear or use and it displays very well and could be described as deadstock or unworn as it is extremely fresh in appearance. All of the colours in the camouflage patttern are strong and bright with no signs of fading or laundering. 

A fantastic original smock which is in stunning condiiton and from a prestigous British manufacturer. It would make a fine addition to any collection and would be extremely hard o better.