Original 1960s British Khaki Drill Aertex Shirt

Original 1960s British Khaki Drill Aertex Shirt

Code: 51196


An original British Khaki Drill Shirt as worn by the British Army and RAF and dating from the 1960s.

This shirt is made from cellular cotton which is often referred to as 'Aertex'. It is a lightweight, breathable fabric which was popular during the Second World War and in the subsequent post-war years for tropical clothing.

This example dates from the 1960s as is evident from the cut-away collar shape. If features a full button front and long sleeves with all the original buttons still being intact. Two pleated chest pockets are also in evidence and feature scalloped pocket flaps. It appears to have had epaulettes previously which have been removed.

The shirt is a small to medium size and when laid flat measures -

Chest - 21 1/2"
Inside arm - 21"
Outside arm - 24"
Shoulders - 16 1/2"
Collar - 14 1/2"

The shirt is in nice condition and displays well. There is one small repair to the rear which appears to be a period example and is detailed in the pictures.

All in all a nice original cellular cotton shirt with an interesting collar.