Original 1954 Dated British Army Tank Suit - Size 3

Original 1954 Dated British Army Tank Suit - Size 3

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An original 1954 Dated 'Oversuit, Tank Crews, Without Hood' in a size 3 and complete with matching hood.

This pattern of tank suit was worn by various armoured units in the later part of the Second World War and during the post-War period.

These suits were issued to British Troops in the winter of 1944-45 to a variety of armoured units and feature heavily in photographs of the period. They were often referred to as 'Zoot Suits' at the time and in the post-war years as the 'Pixie Suit'. They also saw issue post-war and manufacture carried on at intervals; with this suit being an example. The pattern did not change after the Second World War and this later example is almost identical to wartime manufacture.

The suit is typical of tank suits and features the original manufacturers label in the right hand sleeve. It states the size as ‘Size 3’ which will fit up to a 38” chest and a 34” waist. The label features the manufacturers name 'WINDSOR (Macclesfield) LTD', the 1954 date and the War Department broad arrow marking.

To the right of the label is the original War Department acceptance stamp is still present and is bright and legible. It is surmounted but the letter 'O'.

The suit features ‘Swift’ brand zippers to the front and a ‘Flash’ branded zipper to close the fly, all of which appear to function well. The waist belt fastens with a steel buckle of the same design used on wartime battledress jackets.

The suit comes complete with its matching hood which bears the number '3' in ink which relates to size. This means the hood is the correct size for the suit.

The suit is in excellent condition and has clearly never been issued or worn. All the metalwork is still bright and all the painted parts still retain all of their green paint. The exterior is still the colour it would have been when new with no staining from wear. There are however some marks, particularly to the sleeves which are from storage. These marks are commonly found on this pattern of suit but don't overly detract.

All in all a very nice original suit in great condition. It would make a great addition to a collection without a doubt!