Original 1950s British Army 'Helmet, Steel, Airborne Troops' by 'CWL'

Original 1950s British Army 'Helmet, Steel, Airborne Troops' by 'CWL'

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An original MK II 'Helmet, Steel, Airborne Troops' dating from the 1950s. 

This pattern of helmet, often referred to as the 'Fourth Pattern HSAT MK II', was introduced during the Second World War and saw extensive issue with airborne troops well into the post-war period. This example dates from the post-war period as it has blackened brass fixtures to the chin strap.

The shell is in good condition and the exterior has been painted with a dark green textured finish. The chin strap is the four point type which is held on to the helmet with the original screws and hex shaped nuts. The webbing chin strap is in good condition with some oxidation to the metal parts and some brass showing through. The leather chin cup is also present. 

Inside the helmet the original liner is present and in reasonable condition. The maker's initials of 'C. W. L' can be read as can the size of 7 3/8, although no date is visible. The cotton webbing straps are still present to the interior as is the original loop of string which holds them together. The top pad is also present to the interior.

The helmet displays well but has various signs of wear and age. The leather sweatband shows use and age and the foam between this and the shell is shedding and has some missing sections. There are chips and scuffs to exterior paint finish but overall the helmet looks great when displayed. Please study the pictures before purchasing. 

A nice original British Army airborne helmet which would make a nice addition to any collection.