Original 1950s British Army 1937 Pattern Webbing Belt

Original 1950s British Army 1937 Pattern Webbing Belt

Code: 55033


An original 1937 pattern British Army webbing belt in good condition.

This pattern of webbing belt came into issue with the British Army in 1938 and saw use throughout the Second World War as well as in the post-war period. This example was manufactured in the 1950s but is unchanged from those produced during the war. 

This example features all brass hardware so is suitable for any period of WW2. It has been blancoed with a light shade of blanco which is either 103 or 97. The blanco applied is the powder form used in the conflict and not a later oil based version or similar.

The inside of the belt features the original maker's markings which appear to show MECo as the maker and the date as 1956. 

The belt will fit a variety of waist sizes due to the fact that it is adjustable. When fully extended it measures 38" so should be a good fit for someone of a 32-36" waist potentially.

The belt is in good used condition and displays well. Ideal for both the collector and re-enactor alike.