Original 1946 Pattern Battledress Trousers Dated 1947 Size 1

Original 1946 Pattern Battledress Trousers Dated 1947 Size 1

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An original pair of British Army 1946 Pattern Battledress trousers in excellent condition.

These trousers came into issue in 1946 to replace the 1940 (austerity) pattern trousers, although the pattern was hardly changed. The only real difference is that inside the waistband there are twice as many brace buttons as in the 1940 pattern!

The trousers look the same as wartime austerity pattern trousers from the outside featuring a large map pocket, FFD pocket and rear pocket with exposed buttons. The two buttons on the rear which attach the blouse to the trousers have been changed for revolving shank examples which is a nice personal touch.

Inside the trousers the original label is still present, however the original owner has written over it making it hard to read. It looks to state the size as No.1 which corresponds with the sizes below of 28-29" waist and a 29" inside leg.

The trousers are in great condition as can be seen from the photographs and display really well. There are some marks to the legs but aside from this they are very smart indeed.

These trousers came with the 1946 pattern battledress blouse listed above and bare the same owners regimental number.

These trousers are ideal to fill a gap in a ww2 collection or for a re-enactor as they are identical to wartime pattern trousers from the outside.