1954 Dated British Army Beret by 'Jalpotex LTD' - Size 7 1/8

1954 Dated British Army Beret by 'Jalpotex LTD' - Size 7 1/8

Code: 10273


An original 1954 dated British Army beret by 'Jalpotex LTD' in a good wearable size 7 1/8.

This pattern of Beret came into use with the British Army in the post-war years replacing the green General Service Beret and is now synonymous with the Korea and the National Service period.

This early example features a large crown as per wartime berets and could pass as a wartime beret quite easily from the outside.

Inside the beret is beautifully marked 'Jalpotex Ltd, 7/18, 1954' and features the War Department broad arrow. The inspection stamp is also still intact and can be seen below the main stamp. It features the code letter 'M' which is correct for 1954 manufactured items.

The overall condition of the beret is excellent as can be seen in the photographs. There is a very small amount of light moth grazing in one area but this is only noticeable on close inspection and under direct light.

All in all, a fantastic example of an early post-war beret which is beautifully marked and a good wearable size.