Original 1926 No. 32 (Fighter) Squadron Photograph

Original 1926 No. 32 (Fighter) Squadron Photograph

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An original picture depicting No. 32 Squadron at Kenley in 1926. 

This is an original period item dating from 1926 which belonged to J H Tuckey who transfered from the British Army to the Royal Flying Corps on the 25th of November 1914. He had a long career and was a squadron leader during the Second World War. He also served in the years following the war. In this picture he is a Flight Sergeant pictured on the front row at the extreme right. 

The picture is mounted on cardboard and features the Squadron name, RAF wings and date and place printed to the top. 

The picture is in good condition considering it is almost 90 years old. 

A nice original period picture of No. 32 Squadron.