Stunning Original 1939 Dated Special Constabulary Inspectors Helmet

Stunning Original 1939 Dated Special Constabulary Inspectors Helmet

Code: 54549


A fantastic original 1939 dated Police Special Constabulary Inspectors helmet which is dated 1939 and is in great condition. 

This helmet would have been worn by an inspector of the Special Constabulary during the Second World War as is denoted by the colour of the helmet as well as the markings. Like many original surviving Inspectors helmets, this example started life as a blue Police helmet. It has been overpainted white with the special constable 'S.C.' marking to the front carefully masked off in a circle leaving the original blue paint visible. Above this a decal has been added of a single rank star which is again often seen on surviving helmets. The word 'POLICE' appears to have been painted in and shows a rectangular painted section in an off white colour and was clearly done during the original repaint. The underside of the helmet retains its original Police blue coloured factory paint finish. The rim is stamped 'G34 BMB' which denotes British Motor Bodies as the manufacturer.

The helmet features the large type brass screw which was used in the early war period. It has also been overpainted white at the same time as the helmet shell and a thick amount of paint has been left in the slot which would suggest the liner has not been removed. 

The original 1939 dated liner is present inside the helmet and is in good condition. It was also made by BMB and bears the 1939 date as well as the size of 7. The helmet also comes complete with its original chin strap which is again in good condition.

This is a very original and rare Home Front helmet which would make a fantastic addition to any collection without a doubt!