Rare WW2 Factory Workers Plastic Helmet

Rare WW2 Factory Workers Plastic Helmet

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After the fall of Dunkirk steel helmets were scarce and priority of steel helmets went to the Government and armed services with some manufacturers turning their production over to making the Non-Metal type that could be bought privately.

These helmets were provided to workers in factories where they needed some protection from falling debris but non metallic, so they could not create a spark which would set off an explosion. The metal nut and bolt usually used to hold the helmet liner in was replaced by a small split pin which contained less metal and was therefore less likely to create a spark.

The helmet shell is made from a bakerlite plastic which is very hard. These are often seen maker marked 'Plasfort' although this example has no marking I can see. The liner is more or less standard whilst the chin strap is particular to this style of helmet and features a double buckle to adjust the length.

The overall condition is reasonable and the helmet displays well. The helmet is strong and sound with no damage but does display signs of ageing.

Overall, a nice original helmet which would compliment a Home Front display or helmet collection.