Original WW2 British Police MKII Steel Helmet by 'BMB'

Original WW2 British Police MKII Steel Helmet by 'BMB'

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An original 1939 dated British Police helmet in good condition.

This pattern of helmet was issued to members of the Police as well as the Police Special Constabulary. It is a standard British MKII Steel Helmet which was made by British Motor Bodies. It has been painted the correct dark blue colour and features the word 'POLICE' stenciled in white to the front. The underside of the rim is stamped ' BMB' which denotes British Motor Bodies as the manufacturer.

The helmet features the large type brass screw to secure the liner which was used in the early war period. The original liner is present inside the helmet and is in good condition. The helmet also comes complete with its original chin strap which is again in good condition.

This is a very original Home Front helmet which would make a fantastic addition to any collection without a doubt!