Original WW2 British MKII Steel Helmet 2C - Warden

Original WW2 British MKII Steel Helmet 2C - Warden

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A very interesting original WW2 British MKII 2C Steel Helmet dating from the Second World War. 

This helmet is a MKII Number 2C which is denoted by the three holes drilled in the side and means that it was not to be used by frontline troops. They did however see use with Home Guard and the Civil Defence amongst others. This helmet is particularly interesting as it features the standard grey paint finish often found on MKII 2C helmets along with a 'W' for Warden painted to the front. Warden's did not wear grey helmets although there are examples of Fire Guard helmets in this colour which feature the designation W/FG denoting a Warden of the Fire Guard. This may explain the origins of this helmet. 

The helmet comes complete with its original liner which is held in with the small pattern screw. There is also a chin strap which is a replacement as it is the late war pattern. 

A very interesting original helmet which would look good in a Home Front collection.