Original WW2 ARP Field Service Cap with Silver 1939 ARP Badge

Original WW2 ARP Field Service Cap with Silver 1939 ARP Badge

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An original Air Raid Precautions Field Service Dress Cap dating from the Second World War. 

This cap would have been privately purchased by the original owner and is interesting as it is fitted with standard British Army general service buttons. I think it is most likely that the original owner asked for a cap in this colour and bought a standard army example and never thought to change the buttons!

The overall construction of the hat is typical of the era. The exterior is made from a dark, navy blue coloured serge whilst the interior of the cap is fully lined and features a caramel coloured headband made of suede. The original owner has marked his name to the interior which reads 'F. Smith JNR'. 

The hat is fitted with a silver hallmarked ARP badge dating from 1939. What is particularly nice is that the badge is fitted with a piece of pink rubber to the interior to stop it from falling off. A very nice period detail, undoubtedly carried out by the original owner. 

The opening of the cap measures 10 1/4" when laid flat. 

The cap displays well but has signs of wear and use. Please study the pictures before purchasing. 

A very nice and unmolested original ARP item which would make a great addition to any collection!