Original 1957 Dated Women's Civil Defence CD29 Trousers

Original 1957 Dated Women's Civil Defence CD29 Trousers

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An original pair of women's Civil Defence C.D. 29 trousers dated 1957 and in a large size. 

This pattern of slacks was introduced in the post Second World War period but are very similar to the ARP 73 pattern produced during the war. Like their earlier counterpart, the trousers are made from a dark coloured wool serge material and feature a high rise waist and wide leg. They also feature the same opening to the side which fastens with plastic buttons. Unlike the wartime pattern however, they feature an elastic section to the waist which fastens onto buttons with tabs and allows some adjustment. This is not seen when the trousers are worn with the ARP 71 tunic meaning they could still be passable for re-enactment or if dressed on a mannequin. 

A single pocket is present to the interior and is made from an indigo coloured cotton drill. The original label is affixed to this and is bright a legible. It bears the title 'Trousers B/D Women C.D.29' and the size of No. 8B. The makers name of 'H. Edgard & Sons Ltd' is also present as is the 1957 date and the War Department broad arrow. As well as this the is a War Department acceptance stamp which is surmounted by the letter 'S'.

The trousers are a larger size and when laid flat they measure - 

Waist - 17 1/2" (16 1/2" when waist adjusters fastened)
Hips - 27"
Inside leg - 28" (2" to let down)

The trousers are in excellent condition with only very limited signs of wear or age. There is one very small moth nip near to the pocket but aside from this the trousers are very clean and wearable. They display very well but please take time to study the pictures before purchasing.

A nice pair of slacks in clean condition and a larger size. These would be ideal for a re-enactor as a stand-in to a war dated pair.