Original 1950 Dated Civil Defence Battledress Blouse A.R.P. 57

Original 1950 Dated Civil Defence Battledress Blouse A.R.P. 57

Code: 51979


An original British Civil Defence battledress blouse dated 1950 and featuring original insignia. 

This pattern of jacket was introduced in 1941 and saw widespread issue with the Civil Defence. The design closely follows that used for the 1940 pattern British Army battledress blouse and features a fly front and fly fronted pockets, epaulettes and a wire waist buckle. The front of the jacket, pockets and cuff all fasten with black plastic buttons whilst the epaulettes fasten with plastic Civil Defence buttons. The jacket is fitted with a single red star to the lower right sleeve. Also of note is the collar which has been faced with a blue silk material for smartness.

Inside the jacket the original label is still present and bears the 1950 date as well as the War Department broad arrow marking. The manufacturer's name 'Arthur Miller Ltd' is also present as is the size of 5 which is designed to fit someone of 5' 5" to 5'6" with a 32-34" chest and a 30"-32" waist. When laid flat the jacket measures - 

Chest - 20 1/2"
Waist - 15"
Inside arm - 18 1/2"
Outside arm - 24 1/4"
Length - 20"
Shoulders - 16"

As well as the original label the War Department acceptance stamp is also present to the interior and is surmounted by the letter 'A' as seen on many 1950 dated items of clothing. 

The jacket is in reasonable condition for its age but has suffered from some moth damage. This is particularly noticeable to the bottom of the breast pockets and is reflected in the price. Please study the pictures and bear in mind the damage.

Whilst not the finest example it is clearly dated and still wearable.