Original 1942 Dated Civil Defence A.R.P 68A Beret and Cap Badge

Original 1942 Dated Civil Defence A.R.P 68A Beret and Cap Badge

Code: 10149


An original 1942 Dated Civil Defence A.R.P. 68A Beret fitted with a silver hallmarked ARP Lapel Badge.

This pattern of beret was introduced into service in July 1941 as an alternative to the steel helmet. It was worn throughout the rest of the war by both men and women and is in evidence in many period photographs.

The beret is made from black serge wool and features a back cotton lining. To this and printed in yellow is the manufacturers name of 'A & J Gelfer', the 1942 date and the War Department broad arrow marking. The designation of A.R.P 68 is present as is the size, which in this instance is 7. Below this is a separate stamp, again in yellow, which is the War Department acceptance stamp which is usually surmounted with a letter.

The beret is fitted with a silver hallmarked lapel badge to the front. The fitting of such badges was common practice during the war and this appears to be a period addition with the rear horse shoe being carefully stitched into the hat to secure it.

The beret is in very nice condition with no serious signs of wear or use. The wool exterior displays well with no signs of moth damage or similar whilst the interior is clean and the markings good and bright.

This would be very hard to better. Not only is it clearly marked and nicely dated, it also features a hallmarked badge which appears to be original. A must have for the serious Home Front collector!