Original 1941 Dated 'Steel Helmet, Civillian Pattern'

Original 1941 Dated 'Steel Helmet, Civillian Pattern'

Code: 10172


An original 1941 dated 'Steel Helmet, Civillian Pattern' often referred to as the 'Zuckerman' helmet.

This pattern of helmet was introduced as an alternative to the MKII Steel Helmet and was issued to those who didn't need helmets with ballistic protection such as members of the Street Fire Party and Supplementary Fire Party.

This particular example is very original and still retains its correct liner which is stamped with the manufactures name 'H.T.H.P', the 1941 date and the size, 7. The overall condition of the liner is very good and a string chin strap is present which appears to be original to the helmet.

The outer shell still retains large areas of its original paint but there are numerous other areas where the paint is now missing and rust is coming through. This can be seen clearly in the photographs and has been reflected in the price.

Overall a very original helmet and an inexpensive addition to any WW2 collection.