Original 1940 Dated British Army MKII No. 2B Steel Helmet

Original 1940 Dated British Army MKII No. 2B Steel Helmet

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A very nice original 1940 dated British Army MKII No. 2B Steel Helmet with rare Home Front pattern chin strap and original paint. 

This helmet is identified as a MKII No. 2B by the two holes drilled into each side of the rim. Made from mild steel strip, the two holes quickly denoted that this helmet was not for use by front line troops but instead to be issued in the Home Front, and in the case of this helmet to the Home Guard. Aside from the two holes the helmet shell looks the same as a standard issue British Army helmet and is painted the correct early war colour of Khaki Green number 3, often referred to as KG3. 

The stand-out difference between this helmet and many others however is the rare pattern of chin strap it is fitted with. Clearly original to the helmet, it is made from cotton drill and features a short section of sprung steel to each side, housed inside the material of the strap and held in place with large rivets which are very obvious in the pictures. Rather the the strandard wire loops which clip into the lugs in the helmet, this pattern has square buckles with a single prong. This prong passes through eyelets on the strap allowing it to be adjusted. 

The liner is a standard example and in good condition. The cruciform shaped top pa is intact and in good condition whilst the markings are bright and clear. They state the manufacturer as 'Vero, the year of manufacture as 1940 and the size as 7. The liner is held in with the second patten smaller nut which is correct for the period this was issued. 

The shell is in nice condition with some signs of wear and use. The paint has darkened to the extrerior and buffed up with use, but the internal paint is more-or-less unspoilt. There is some slight damage to a couple of the eyelets on the chin strap but they are still present and don't affect the way the helmet displays. 

Overall a very nice original helmet in un-molested condition and with a rare pattern of chin strap. This would make an excellent addition to any Home Guard or Home Front collection without a doubt!