Original 1939 Pattern British Army Leather Anklets

Original 1939 Pattern British Army Leather Anklets

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A good original matched pair of 1939 pattern leather anklets dating from the Second World War.

The 1939 pattern leather equipment was introduced at the beginning of WW2 as an emergency measure as not enough webbing equipment could be produced. It saw limited use with second line British Army units in the early stages of the war as well as with the Home Guard throughout the war.

These examples are made from the darker coloured brown leather and do not appear to retain their original markings which have most likely been rubbed away with use. They are a guaranteed original wartime example none-the-less.

The condition of these anklets is good as can be seen from the photographs. All the stitching is sound and the brass buckles and rivets are in good condition.

Overall, a good pair of 1939 pattern anklets which would suit the collector and re-enactor equally well.