Original 1939 Dated Home Front MKII Steel Helmet

Original 1939 Dated Home Front MKII Steel Helmet

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An original British MKII Steel Helmet in Black clearly dated 1939. 

This pattern of helmet was introduced at the beginning of the Second World War and saw widespread issue throughout the conflict, including to those fighting on the Home Front.

This example was made in 1939 and left the factory painted black which would suggest it was part of a contract intended for issue on the Home front. The 1939 date can be seen stamped onto the underside of the helmet brim and is also present to the liner. The size of 6 3/4 is present as is the maker's initials of TTC.

The helmet has clearly been repainted with a second coat of black to the exterior. It has also had the letters 'BRMC' painted in red and below this are the letters 'FS' in white. The underside of the helmet has the number 680 painted in silver which may refer to the post number where the owner was stationed or similar.

The helmet is in good condition with signs of age and use. There are various chips and scratches to the paint work and the liner has stiffened with age. The chin strap is in excellent condition. 

An interesting original Home Front helmet which could offer the opportunity of further research.