1940 Dated MKII Number 2D Steel Helmet

1940 Dated MKII Number 2D Steel Helmet

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£85.00 Approx $107.32, €99.07

An original 1940 dated British Steel Helmet MKII Number 2D.

This helmet is a MKII Number 2D which is denoted by the four holes drilled in the side and means that it was not to be used by frontline troops. They did however see use with the Home Guard, RAF and predominantly the Civil Defence.

The helmet shell is the standard pattern and is missing most of its original paint finish and has surface rust which is reflected in the price. Inside the helmet the original owner has painted their initials as 'C.H.' which is a nice period addition. The original liner is present inside the helmet and bears the 1940 date as well as the manufacturer's initials of 'C.C.L' which denotes Charles Collett Ltd who were based in London. The size of 7 is also present. The liner is held in place with the correct pattern of brass bolt with large slotted head as was used at the beginning of WW2. The helmet comes complete with its original chin strap which is the sprung steel type used on all early war helmets. 

The overall condition of the helmet is good and it displays well. The liner is in good condition for its age and still retains part of the original tightening cord. The shell has had heavy use though and as a result is missing a lot of its original paint finish. This arguably adds to the character of the helmet.

Overall, a nice original MKII Number 2D which displays well and would suit a number of different displays or collections.