Scarce Original 1940s Men's Bathing Costume by 'Meridian'

Scarce Original 1940s Men's Bathing Costume by 'Meridian'

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A rare original men's bathing costume which was made by 'Meridian' during the 1940s. 

This style of bathing costume was popular with men during the 1920s and through to the 1940s. They slowly began to fall out of fashion during the 1940s in favour of shorter trunks, rather than the full body style of this suit. This style would have been a common sight in various recreational places such as beaches and lidos during the inter-war period.

As is common with suits from this period, this example is made from wool. It features a striking black and red striped pattern and features shoulder straps and trunk bottoms. Inside the suit the original label is still bright and legible and features typical period graphics. The maker's name of 'Meridian Regd' is present as is the 'All Wool' tagline. The words 'Double lock' and a graphics depicting two locks are also present. 

The suit is a smaller size which is labelled as a 30. Being wool however, it will stretch further than the measurements below - 

Chest - 15"
Inside leg - 3 1/2"
Cuff - 7 1/2"

The costume is in good condition and does not appear to have ever been worn or used. There are a couple of very small holes to the rear near the armpit but these are only noticeable under close scrutiny. Overall it displays well but please study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that this is a pre-worn vintage item which has some small issues commensurate with age.

A fantastic piece of early British swimwear in a striking colourway!